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Sticky marks on court - check your guest's racket grip and footwear

25 January 2020

Some of you may have noticed the sticky black marks made on the (newly sanded) Court A during the week. A photo below shows what it looked like.

After investigating it turns out the marks weren’t from black footwear but rather from the perished grip of a racket which hadn’t been used for a long time. Bits of the grip – made with a sticky resin-like substance - fell off and stuck to the court and then to the bottom of the players’ shoes and was then spread round the court.

Other than waiting for the marks to eventually be worn off, the only way to get them is to rub them off with white spirit. Our treasurer and interim chairman, Rollo Bramwell, spent yesterday morning on his hands and knees doing exactly that. What a star!

A similar incident happened in December on Picton court which at the time we thought were footwear marks.

If you are playing with a guest, please can you tell them they need to check the state of their racket’s grip (as well as their footwear). And can you please check them yourself before you start playing and also scan the floor early on in your game for any new marks.

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