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Ed had a long war of attrition Just being piped to the post, a man that usually enjoy’s a wee laphroaig pre-match to get a little adrenaline rush is on dry January enough said.

John show great self belief and fortitude after giving himself a number of talking too’s. A great win.

Adam had the match of the night thankfully listoning to his coach and mentor John Weberley who had the delight of marking his game!!!

Paul as always play with his heart of his sleeve. An exceptionally talented play who has a great eye for the game tactically was beaten only on fitness by a much younger opponent.


After Stef’s Epic round of endurance on Tuesday night, he was told the club couldn’t afford the club managers over time and therefore dispatched his opponent in fifteen minutes 3-0.

Many thanks to Dean Newberry for taking the time to referee both Tuesday and Wednesday matches.


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