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Car parking at the club - update

At the recent committee meeting it was decided that we needed to be more rigorous in enforcing the rules for using the club car park, and simplifying the procedure for paying for excess hours.

Our treasurer Rollo Bramwell has therefore now placed a "parking fees" book in the entrance hall, which is hanging from a cord on the left of the front door as you enter the club together with some pencils, where the "honesty box" used to be located.

The fee is £5.00 for parking in excess of four hours, which may only be done during off-peak hours ie before 4pm.

Please could all members using this facility write their name and the date they parked in the book. Rollo will be periodically checking for entries and will debit member's TWSRC MyCourt accounts accordingly.

Also, please note that there are two "off peak" parking bays available to rent on an annual basis to members. Please contact Rollo for more details.

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