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Coaching, revised B Court timings and insurance

Dear members

I write on behalf of the committee as we have had several complaints from members about them not being able to book peak time courts on a Tuesday evening as a result of pre-bookings by coaches and for club events like Ladies coaching sessions. It was decided to perform a wider review of coaching procedures, as finding a solution for Tuesday might just have resulted in a similar problem on another night.

It was felt that all coaches under retainer from the club should be treated equally and that from now on all coaching matters will be supervised by a sub group (reporting to the committee) consisting of, in the first instance, Mary Scott Miller and Adam Barnes. I take this opportunity to inform you of some changes that are being introduced with immediate effect in order to free up more peak court sessions for members.

1. Jason will have the ability (as he has done for the last 4 years) to pre-book one court for all peak time coaching on a Monday night. Dean will book no courts.

2. Dean will have the same rights as Jason but for a Thursday night and conversely Jason will not book any courts that night.

3. Ladies coaching, under the control of Dean, will have the right to one Tuesday night peak session.

4. Junior club night will continue to run on a Friday night, under the control of Jason, with two courts being booked over an effective 1.5 hrs.

5. Jason and Dean can each have two peak coaching sessions on a Tuesday night and three each on a Friday night. Until now the coaches had been booking 6+ sessions on both Tuesday and Friday nights.

In future all coaches have to nominate a coaching candidate 10 days in advance - if they do not their pre-booked court falls open to members as per regular booking arrangements. In order for a coach to identify you as a candidate for a coaching session you must have approved open access to your personal details on MyCourts. If you are a Junior and do not want your details open to all members, please email Alison Barton and she will give you a coded entry for the coaches to use.

B court timings will revert on weekday evenings to 40 mins sessions rather than one hour - this will take effect from April 30th. There will be a transition period of fourteen days where those who have a 18.20 (B Court) booking will see it as a 18.40 booking, but they will be able to start at 18.20 nonetheless, and those who book to play at 18.40 within the transition period will actually be booking to start at 18.20 to play for an hour (ending 19.20). After the transition period everything will appear as it should.

The above limits on coaches are now capped and fixed and they represent a 8% reduction on February/March pre-bookings. Be aware that even when the complaints came in from members regarding Tuesday nights there were only four weeks out of the last six months when all court sessions were actually used. Members could get a peak time court on a Tuesday night 88% of the time but only if they had the ability to capture a cancelled court - if you want courts at peak times you must register on MyCourts so you are alerted to court cancellations. For the record the cancellations were from members bookings and not coaches.

Finally and very relevant to you approving your personal details, be aware that only 80 members are covered by insurance via England Squash when playing at T Wells (or anywhere else). If your name does not appear on the list at the bottom of this e mail YOU ARE NOT INSURED and the CLUB ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY! The same applies to all those members playing doubles without goggles - you are not covered. To rectify this situation, wear goggles if playing doubles or a junior and do the following:

To Activate your membership visit:

Log in using the e mail you had when you were first registered with England Squash

You will be asked for a password, or press ‘forgotten password’ to be sent a link to change the password.

If you do not know the e mail address you used when you first joined England Squash then e mail Alison Barton:

The requirement to ‘activate’ your membership has only been in place since Dec 2018

All members MUST activate their account unless they have personal insurance elsewhere.

Members who have been registered for some years still must ACTIVATE their account.

The reason for the change is to do with personal liability and insurance. Activating your account ensures the insurance is valid as you personally will have accepted the terms and conditions.

Only these people at TWSRC are currently insured:

Annabel Allen

Steven Ballard

Thomas Ballard

Jason Barry

Alison Barton

Roger Barton

Nick Benson

Tamasin Berzins

David Bower

Becky Bradshaw

Neil Bradshaw

Rollo Bramwell

Paul Bridger

Alex Brookbank

William Burke

Sam Colegate

Peter Court

Polly Coxeter

Luke Credland

John Croft

Nick Donald

Adam Flint

Ian Flint

Peter Gray

Annabelle Groves Gidney

Mark Groves Gidney

James Hall

Simon Hall

Christopher Hammond

Charles Hastie

Jolyon Head

Richard Hillier

Kevin Hood

Sacha Hood

Brian Hunt

Lynn Jeffreys

David Johnson

Steve Kaiser

Lucy Kent

Roger Kent

Paul Kershaw

Ben Larcombe

Mark Leader

Paul Marsden

Steve Martins

Max McClintock

Max McConachie

Rick McHattie

Paul McMahon

Benjie Meek

Ben Milner

Miles Montelius

Jemima Morris

Richard Morris

Mike Mosedale

Thomas Neale

Dean Newberry

Alan Nicholson

Stephen Pearce

Peter Ring

Michael Rose

Mary Scott-Miller

Diane Seaman

Guy Shaw

Martin Snow

Jeremy Speechley

Martin Steyn

Gavin Stoner

Oliver Sweet

Mark Sykes

Neil Thomas

John Thompson

Charlie Wadsworth

Declan Wainwright

Grace Wainwright

Tom Wainwright

Vicky Watterson

Ben Williams

Caroline Winning

George Winning

Jake Wyatt


The chairman.

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