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New Squash Leagues - final call

Dear Members,

Before I publish the next round of leagues could I please hear promptly from anyone who would like to join in the next cycle. I already have several new names - thank you to them - and am ready to publish, but I will wait for 48hours for any responses to the above.

I have had positive feedback about the recently tweaked format of having 6 players in a league instead of 5, so I will continue this unless I hear opinions otherwise. It does however mean that it is harder to add new names after the next cycle goes live - hence this final call.

We have some new players high up in the league, which of course shifts everyone else down a little, so please do not be offended if the league number that you are in is not quite the one you were expecting - rather just look at your position in the overall rankings.

I will be away for much of February, so I will be dropping out for the next cycle.

Keep fit/play well,

Steve Pearce

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