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Your feedback - The Big Bash & Pro-Tournament

To all members,

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my request for feedback which has been most helpful, and represents around 10% of the membership (or approx 30% of the active membership). The feedback has been both passionate and well thought out. I will be providing a summary (anonymity will be preserved of course) to all shortly. On some of the issues there is a clear message ie do hold a Bash but with no fund-raising at the actual event, and on others like the Pro Tournament there is a split camp.

On 19th February we will be having a committee meeting to discuss the issues raised and I would appreciate more feedback, in confidence of course either by e mail, verbally when you see me at the club or in the suggestions book at the bar. It is your club so do have your say! To save you looking up the original broadcast of 30th January here is a summary of the questions posed:

1) Assuming members want a Bash do we go with the same format as before and have The Bash support the Pro Tournament via fund raising?

2) Do we want a Pro Tournament and if not do we want some exhibition matches with the opportunity for members to challenge a Pro? - all for a manageable sum

3) Do we explore links with other outside entities to run a better Pro tournament but the Tunbridge Wells/Colin Payne angle will likely be diminished?

But whilst you are writing, if you have any other issues feel free to raise them – others have!


The Chairman

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