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Dear Members,

Thanks to all league participants in the just-ended cycle, and well done for staying fit! We only had a couple of drop-outs through injury, and nearly 80% of league games were played. Having six players in a some of the boxes instead of five seemed to encourage more games to get played, so I will stick with that for the next cycle.

Please email me asap in the next few days any requests from anyone who would like to join in the next leagues, which will run into early January, with name and suggested league position - or perhaps a name of someone of a similar playing standard currently in the leagues.

On another subject - I heard it mooted this week that we need not remain wedded to our "English" scoring system (first to 9 - points scored when serving), and we are probably in a minority of squash clubs that still use this system (instead of American scoring to 15).

There is no need to change from our current traditional system, but it would be interesting to hear league-playing member's views. I suspect that most of us do not mind at all, and if there is no clear majority for change we will keep the current English system.

If you feel motivated to express an opinion one way or the other, you could just email me with "English" or "American" and I will have a look at the feedback.

(If the result is 52/48 in favour of a change, I plan to procrastinate on the matter for three years, and then ask if you want to be asked again).

Steve Pearce

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