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2017/18 Winter Season Team Squash

Dear Members,

After a tough summer for TWSRC's squash teams, the winter season is due to start on 10th October.

TWSRC are entering four teams again this year with:
1st team in Division 1
2nd team in Division 2
3rd team in Division 4
4th team in Division 5

For the first time, the 4th team will be focused on promoting developing players, female players and juniors. This is a similar approach taken by a number of clubs where the junior cohort have come on leaps and bounds. In our final match of the season against Beckenham, yours truly lost to a 13 year old and a 12 year old beat one of our seasoned players 9-0, 9-2, 9-0 (no names, no pack-drill). Let's hope our juniors can start dishing out similar punishments.

This note is to ask TWSRC players to let me know their interest in playing team squash. If you are not nominated (see list below) and would like to play, please advise your interest, availability (how often you are looking to play) and standard. We need to know before the season starts with deadline 8th October. Please respond to the cc on this email leaving the header unchanged if you want to play and are not on the list below.

Team matches are played on a Tuesday or Wednesday, are best of 5, with five players in a team. Start at 7:30, followed by a match tea, normally finishing around 10:30. Games alternate between home and away fixtures. Away fixtures are usually in the South East London/ Bromley/ Beckenham/ Bexley area, typically a 30 - 40 minute drive away. Match fee is normally £10 (check with team captain), includes the squash, drinks, dinner and some great camaraderie.

Nominated players:

James Evans
Jason Barry
Alex Cope
Jolyon Head
Jonny Powell
Dean Newberry
Luke Credland
Martin Snow
Neil Bradshaw
Stefan Zoltowski
Chris Hammond
Anthony Kayne
Ian Rowett
Sam Colegate
Paul Mcleod
Craig Bowers
Colin Atkins
Simon Hall
Richard Morris
Matt Harris
Adam Barnes
Oliver Sweet
Joe Challis
Will Burke
Jon Webberley
Ashley Meek
John Shotton
Edward Wales
Peter Roche
Declan Wainwright
Paul Marsden
Will Morris
Jemima Morris
Thomas Ballard
Nick Donald

Further details on team squash can be found on the following link

If you are on this list and want to be removed, please also let me know.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks

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