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Half term report for TWSRC 3rd team

Attainment D Effort B Must do better! So at the half way point our 3rds are sitting in the relegation zone one place above bottom team Nuffield Health and 38 points away from safety. With one win and eight losses, including four 5-0’s, it’s been a challenging half to say the least. The 3rds have used 18 players and finding a regular team with a constant spate of injuries, holidays and jet setting has been difficult. Even so we’ve had some fine individual performances. Paul and Anthony lead the points table with 10 a piece both from 6 matches. Colin has taken points in every game against some very tough opponents with 9 points in 7 matches. Richard 6 points in 5 and Declan an impressive 5 points in 2. In the absence of the weekly match reports here’s a snapshot of the first half of the season: - First up Poult Wood away. We were thrashed 4-1, but an excellent win for Anthony against a revitalised Ben Chapman at 1, 9-7 in the 5th. - Next, a narrow 2-3 defeat to Bromley LTC 2, with Anthony coming very close against Shil Patel in his best performance of the year. Good wins for Sam and Richard, plus an impressive point for Colin against Hugo Feitor, left us disappointed, but not disheartened. - The long drive away at Dulwich and with only 3 players at lunch time on the day, things were looking ominous. However, Nick Donald and Chris Beale kindly agreed to cancel their league match and play, saving us 4 penalty points. With good points for Colin and Richard, followed by an incredible battle for Paul at 1, coming back from 2-0 down to take Ben Wetherill to a 5th , we departed in good spirits despite the defeat. - Bottom of the table Nuffield Health came to ours and were severely beaten 5-0, our first win and a well needed 20 points. Well done team Ant, Paul, Colin, Ed and John. A new dawn?... - … Almost! Away at Bromley CC 2 and a narrow defeat 3-2. Rather disappointing because we had three marginal losses, in winnable matches for Anthony, Paul and Matt, against similarly ranked opponents. - Confidence dipping with a thrashing by Cobdown 1 at home 20-3, no more to mention! - Park Langley 3 away saw another defeat. Anthony losing to Kevin McCaughan after some very poor marking and outrageous let requests. The only cheer was a win for Paul over an injured Stuart Melbourne. - Next up Maidstone 1 at home. They arrived with their full strength side and we were at our weakest. We were fully expecting no points and a big bar bill. First match for Chris Hammond this season against an in-form George Fray went as expected. However, excellent points (that’s 1 point each) from Colin against Peter Stock (4,500 Squash Level points), John Shotton against John Hogwood (2,500 points) and a point a piece for Jon W and Richard, meant that we may have been beaten but not humiliated…..they savaged us on the bar bill though! - Final match of the half and the team were struggling. Anthony off games having been poisoned at the weekend. Paul just back from New York with jet lag, Richard returning from a 5 hour drive from Hinkley Point C and with a first match for young Will Morris, all together didn’t set us up with a great chance. Even with excellent performances from Colin and Declan, it was indeed another 5-0 defeat. Bring on Christmas! So division 3 is proving tough and we know that the second half is going to be a steep climb out of the relegation zone, but one that is surmountable. Well done and thanks to everyone who has played, have a great Christmas break and looking forward to having the meanest and toughest team ready for Poult Wood at home on Wednesday 18th Jan. Richard Statto: Anthony Kayne: 10 pts from 6 matches Paul McLeod: 10 pts from 6 Colin Atkins: 9 pts from 7 Richard Morris 6 pts from 5 Declan Wainwright: 5pts from 2 John Shotton: 4pts from 4 Jon Webberley: 1pt from 2 Sam Colegate: 3 pts from 1 Steve Martins: 3 pts from 2 Ed Wales: 3pts from 2 Matt Harris: 1pt from 1 Joe Challis: 1 pt from 1 Craig Bowers: 0 pts from 1 Adam Barnes: 0 pts from 1 Chris Beale: 0 pts from 1 Chris Hammond: 0pts from 1 Nick Donald: 0 pts from 1 Will Morris: 0 pts from 1

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