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Membership Renewals 2016/17 - this email requires your attention

Dear Squash Club Member It’s that time of the year again when subscription renewals come around and I would like to take this opportunity to update you all on matters related to this and the club’s overall finances so you have some context to a few changes we are making at this time. First of all, the club finances remain in a strong position, with healthy cash balances. However, our costs have increased somewhat over the last couple of years driven mainly by increases in rates and utility bills. Additionally, bar takings have fallen quite significantly for reasons which are not entirely clear, but maybe people are simply living healthier lifestyles and spending less time in the bar! The overall impact of these changes has been to put a squeeze on the cash surplus generated from normal operations, which over time could inhibit our ability to continue to invest in the club infrastructure and general appearance. In order to address this, your Committee has been considering how we can reduce costs in some areas and also increase income. On the cost side we have two main targets: 1. We are negotiating with suppliers of our heating and lighting to achieve reduced tariffs for the supply of electricity and gas for the boiler. We hope to achieve annual savings of around £1500 through this exercise. 2. As the bar has not been generating as much revenue as in previous years we will be changing the bar opening hours to more closely reflect demand. From 1st July the normal weekday bar hours will be from 1730 to 2130. On match nights this will be extended to 2230. There will be no changes to Saturday opening times. Bar staff will be paid on an hourly rather than a per shift basis as is the current practice. It is anticipated that this will save the club up to £2500 p.a. On the income side, we have looked at subscription rates and light costs, and bearing in mind feedback received at the last AGM we have decided to focus on light costs as this seems to be the fairest way of increasing income as people who use the club the most will pay more. Therefore, we have agreed the following: 1. Subscription rates for 2016/7 for full adult members will remain unchanged at £250. We are introducing an option to pay the annual subscription for full adult members only in two instalments, one immediately and one at the beginning of January. We hope that this will help those who would prefer to spread the cost of their subscription. There will be a £10 premium for this, so members choosing this option will pay two instalments of £130. All other subscription rates will remain unchanged. 2. The costs for court lighting will be increased to £2.75 for a 40 minute court and £4 for a one hour court 3. Off peak rates will be abolished so the rate for lights is the same regardless of timing. (off peak court time will still, however, offer more flexibility as they can be cancelled at short notice without penalty). 4. From September team matches will incur a £10 charge to cover light costs (currently they are free of charge) 5. Members participating in Club Night will be asked to make a £2 contribution to cover light costs etc. We are confident that these changes will ensure that the club retains its strong financial status as well as enabling continued investment when needed. We will provide a more detailed presentation of the club finances etc. at the AGM later this year, but in the meantime I would be grateful if you could make sure your subscription renewals are completed within the stipulated time-frame. With kind regards John Croft Chairman

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