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There have been some requests to provide more 40 minute courts at peak times. In response to this request the committee has agreed to make the following changes which will take effect from Monday 22nd September. A Court will revert to 40 minute courts only throughout. B Court will have one additional hour court at 6.20 p.m. The net effect of these changes will be to make one additional 40 minute court available at peak times. Please note that these changes will appear on the online booking system on the morning of Monday 22nd September, so you need to bear this in mind when booking in advance. For example, the 6.20 B Court, which is currently a 40 minute court, will become a one hour court and you will be charged £3.75 when booking. Similarly, if you book the A Court to play at 5.40 pm, you will be charged £2.50 as this will become a 40 minute court. For easy reference the changed timings are summarised below: A Court 1840 ==> 1820 1940 ==> 1900 2020 ==> 1940 2100 ==> 2020 2140 ==> 2100 B Court 1900 ==> 1920 1940 ==> 2000 2020 ==> 2040 2100 ==> 2120 2140 ==> 2200 Please bear these changes in mind when making bookings for 22 September and beyond. For example, if you want to book a 40 minute court to play on 24th September at 1940 on A Court, you should book the 2020 court if you are making the booking prior to 22 September, as per the schedule above. If you have any questions please reply to this email. John Croft

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