Off Peak Membership

‘Peak times’ are the times of the day when the squash courts are in the highest demand.

Peak Times are:  Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm; Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm.

The ‘Off Peak’ membership category has been created to increase the use of the squash courts at times when they are generally under-used and, as a result, take pressure off peak time courts

A secondary benefit of this concessionary membership may be to widen participation, enabling squash players the opportunity to join the club and play when the full membership fee is beyond their reach.  It also gives injured players the opportunity to start playing again without the commitment of full membership.

During peak hours off peak members are not able to play squash but they are able to use the club facilities in the same way as social members.

The scheme offers a substantial discount on full membership but puts certain restrictions on when the member can play:

  • During peak times the off peak member should NOT play squash or use the squash courts for any other purpose
  • An off peak member using the squash court on a court session where any of the period of play overlaps with the peak period is deemed to have played during peak times
  • Club Night on Friday takes place during peak hours, so off peak members cannot play at Club Night
  • Off peak members should not play in the main club box leagues as other competitors may not be able to play at off-peak times
  • It would certainly be possible to set up an ‘off-peak’ box league
  • Off peak members cannot enter club competitions unless the club competition games are all scheduled during off peak hours
  • Off peak members cannot play in the club teams.
  • Off peak members are not members of the Limited Company and as such hold no equity stake in the Club.

On the website directory of members ‘off peak’ members will have OP added as letters after their surname, enabling other members to know who is an off peak member.

Off peak members who break these conditions of off peak membership can be fined by the Committee. The fine will be £50 in the first instance.  Repeated breaking of these conditions of membership will lead to the member having to upgrade to full membership.

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