Squash Courts

Tunbridge Wells Squash Club has 3 courts for squash and racket ball.  

The court lights are operated automatically together with the court booking system.  The booking fees are displayed on the court booking sheets.  Please see "how to book a court" for more information.

The separate mens and ladies changing rooms are cleaned and refurbished on a regular basis.

The Bar

The bar at Tunbridge Wells Squash Club is open to members at the following times.

  • Monday - Thursday: from 5.15pm to earliest 9:15pm, or later if members are still at the bar
  • Friday: from 6pm to earliest 9:15pm, or later if members are still at the bar
  • Saturday: from 12pm - 3pm
  • Sunday - closed.

The bar area was completely revamped in the summer of 2012. As the bar area overlooks the courts, it's a great place to watch squash and meet people.

Car Park

There is free parking at the club for use by members when using the club facilities. 

We ask members to use common sense and courtesy in their use of the car park. It is acceptable if a member wants to use the car park occasionally during off-peak times for an hour or so to go to a shop or run an errand nearby. We hope this won’t need to change i.e. that the car park is not used by too many too often for this purpose.

In Spring 2019 we introduced more rigorous rules of using the club car park and a simplified procedure for paying for excess hours. We brought in clearer rules to firstly ensure that there are spaces available for members to use when they come to play squash, and secondly be fair to the many members who do pay for using the car park (for more than 4 hours at a time) and to the two members who rent a space (in off peak hours) for the whole year.

There is a "Parking Fees" book hanging up on the left wall of the entrance hall, together with some pencils. The fee is £5.00 for parking in excess of four hours, which may only be done during off-peak hours i.e. before 4pm. Please could all members using this facility write in the book their name and the date they parked. The Treasurer, Rollo Bramwell, periodically checks for entries and debits members’ TWSRC MyCourt accounts accordingly.

Should a member flout the car parking rules, in fairness to other members and payers we will take action to address this. 

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