2018-19 Team Fixtures

TWSRC has 3 teams competing in the North West Kent Summer Squash Leagues.

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This weeks News

In India, local activist Irom Sharmila ended her 16-year-long hunger strike against a controversial security law, in order to compete in local elections.

In TWells, The squash club suffered their first week of total losses this season as all 3 competing teams this week lost.

TWells 4  v  Warlingham   1-4
TWells 1  v  Bromley LTC  2-3
TWells 2  v  Bexley 2     2-3

On Tuesday the 1st and 4th team were away. The 4 team faced top of the table well known Kent Village team Warlingham !!!!! It was always going to be a tough ask as with 3 matches to half way, Warlingham currently sit top of the division 80 points clear of TWells. This proved so as Twells lost 1-4 with a strong performance from "Mrs Captain" at 5 our only win.

The 1st team has a really close battle against Bromley Lawn Tennis Club. With strong wins by "Mr Racketball" and "The Youngster" at 2 and 3, "The Inventor" nearly won the Match for TWells narrowly losing 2-3 for former professional Steve London at 1. With Bromley having a dubious order it was easy wins at 4 and 5 for them so they took the match 3-2.

On Wednesday Twells 2 took on Bexley 2 at home, This match much mirrored the 1st teams efforts the night before. Thou this match could have been a 4-1 to TWells with us having strong wins at 4 and 5. Bexley won three very close matches at 1,2 and 3 in which "Mr Captain" playing at 2 actually had two match balls at 2-2 but we won't dwell in that. :(

Previous Weeks


Mr Racketball v Steve Pratt 1-3 8/11 11/7 3/11 5/11
Club Champ v Alisdair Shapcott 2-3 11/13 11/6 11/9 2/11 5/11
The Youngster v Guy Olby 3-2 11/7 6/11 11/9 10/12 11/9
Club Captain v Patrick Ashworth 3-0 11/3 11/3 11/4
Chris Hammond v Max Tunon 3-2 5/11 2/11 11/9 11/7 11/4


1st Team snatch vital win with some greatful support from the members 

Last night saw the 1st team play host to Beckenham 1st team. First on was Chris Hammond in his 1st outing for the 1st team, playing a tough junior in Max Tunon, Things were not looking good as Max took a 2 -0 lead with a very comfortable 11-2 in the second game. Meanwhile “Club Champ” was have a great battle with the ever improving Alisdair in the number two string. Having lost the first game narrowly “Club Champ” stormed the second and took a close third to go 2-1 up. Chris’s intensity and fitness looked to turn the match on the other court as he took a very close third game and a slightly less close forth game to fight back to 2-2. “Club Champ” in the meantime had taken a rest while losing the fourth game and then continued to rest while losing the 5 to go down 2-3. Chris fitness shown through on the other court as he took the fifth game and levelled the tie for TWells at 1-1.

Next on was the number 1 strings and the number 3s. “Mr Racketball” was playing number 1 against a tough opponent in Steve. Having lost the first game “Mr Racketball” came back strong in the second to draw the match 1-1. On the show court the crowed was enjoying “The youngster” take on after last week’s match yet another older Kent player in Guy. This was another close match with the games going to alternate players while “The youngster” nearly took the 4th to win 3-1 the experience of Guy showed to take the match to a fifth game 2-2. On the other court “Mr Racketball” looked to have woken up Steve in winning the second game and Steve had made quick work to take the match 1-3.

On next was “Club Captain” against the skilful Patrick. After the 3-0 playing for the second team last week the “Club Captain” needed to play well to get a second win on the bounce. “Club Captain” took the first game 11.3 while on the other court “the youngster” had given TWells hope buy winning the fifth game and leaving the tie at 2-2. “Club Captain” took the second game as Patrick seemed content on making his opponent look good. The third game followed in quick succession and TWells won the match 3-2.

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